Anti-skid epoxy flooring

Anti Skid Epoxy Flooring

At Industrial Facilities, safety is a top priority for business owners.
When choosing a floor coating for your facility, it may be necessary to use an anti-slip floor
Before application of coating a floor, a floor coating contractor should consult with the owner to determine several things:

>> Is the floor sometimes or never be wet or dry?
>> Is the floor going to have forklift traffic?
>> Is gloss and color retention of floor important?
>> How important is aesthetics?

Anti Skid Floor Coating is designed for use in wide range of industrial environments where solution to floor maintenance problem is required. The coating provides anti skid , glossy or Matt finish, easily cleaned and hygienic surface with excellent resistance to mechanical wear and chemical attack.

 Clean rooms in Pharmaceuticals & other industries
 Automobile servicing and assembly areas
 Packing and storage areas of sugar & fertilizers
 Aircraft maintenance hangars
 Refurbishment to existing epoxy flooring
 ramps
 Light industrial plants

 Chemically resistant, abrasion resistance
 Durability
 Hygienic floor provides a dense, seamless floor surface which is easily cleaned
 Attractive , enhance the working environment
 Available in a wide range of colours.
 Fast application – minimizes downtime