Healthcare / hospitals

Epoxy/ PU Flooring for Healthcare and Hospitals :

The health and safety of patients is the first priority for the healthcare industry. To obtain the highest level of standards in cleanliness & safety, epoxy & PU flooring is perfect.

For Hospitals, Operation Centers Epoxy / PU flooring provides a durable, safe & sterile solution.

For the healthcare environment, a jointless flooring system provides a total cleanroom with anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, infection control sterile environment.

Epoxy/PU flooring provide the required durability needs for areas that are subject to constant foot traffic and wheeled traffic such as corridors, patient rooms, operating theaters, etc.

Epoxy flooring in hospitals provides durable, safe & sterile solution.

We provide the best solution for environments within the healthcare industry.


Why Us?

As every concrete surface is subject to unique operating and environmental conditions we specify accurate flooring systems.

We offer the best Epoxy / PU flooring solutions with quality satisfaction and a good price.

Our team can able to work with your schedule to have a fast turnaround and are even able to work after hours to facilitate minimal disturbances and shutdown.

Areas of application –

  • Hospitals
  • Pathology Labs
  • Operation Theaters.
  • Surgical Centers.
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Trauma Centers.
  • Patient Rooms etc.