Pharmaceutical Epoxy/PU Flooring

Epoxy Flooring for Pharmaceutical Industries

At Grafiti Constrotech, we understand the importance of issues such as ease of maintenance, chemical resistance, protection against bacteria, and clean room standards required for sterile and clean process environments in the pharmaceutical.

In many industries, cleanroom manufacturing and a high degree of component cleanliness are essential to achieve their desired product quality, so the floors and walls need to be seamless to stamp out any possibility of bacterial growth.

The life science industries, pharmaceutical, biotechnology requires durable, high performance, seamless, hygienic flooring, wall, and lining systems that meet FDA standards.

For the Pharmaceutical Industries Epoxy Flooring & Wall Systems provides a Durable, Sterile & Safe Solution. To maintain the high standards Epoxy / PU flooring provides antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial seamless flooring. Epoxy /PU flooring withstands for high temperature, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, slip resistance & frequent wash, cleaning, etc. A Properly specified high-performance flooring system is essential for various pharmaceutical production processing plants.

Grafiti Constrotech offer the highest standards of hygiene required in pharmaceutical, biotechnology with high-performance epoxy flooring, wall and lining systems

Why Epoxy Flooring by Grafiti Constrotech?
As every concrete surface is subject to unique operating and environmental conditions we specify accurate flooring systems.

We offer the Best Epoxy / PU flooring Solutions with Quality Satisfaction and Good Price.

Our team can able to work with your schedule to have a fast turnaround and are even able to work after hours to facilitate minimal disturbances and shutdown.

Area of Clean Room Epoxy Flooring Application –
Pharmaceutical Processing Unit.
Formulation Area.
Packing Areas.
Quality Testing Labs.
Corridor etc.