Anti-Static epoxy flooring

Protect against static electricity

Antistatic flooring prevents harmful electrical charge build-up from destroying sensitive components or parts by dissipating the charge safely to the ground.

Anti-static flooring also known as Static Dissipative Flooring protects both sensitive electronic equipment and personnel from an electrostatic discharge (ESD). Antistatic resin flooring typically contains a conductive material that accumulates static electricity to dissipate any potential static discharge and needs to be grounded or earthed.

Antistatic flooring or Antistatic Floor Coating can also help in preventing explosions and fires when working with flammable gases and liquid materials, helping to reduce the risk of costly damage to equipment and injury to personnel.

To meet the resistance requirements of your facility, we provide Antistatic Epoxy Flooring installation in addition to other flooring services all over India.

If you are interested in Antistatic Flooring Services for your building, please feel free to contact us.

Areas of Antistatic flooring application

  • Electronics Industries
  • Electronics component manufacturing area
  • Antistatic Flooring for server room
  • Paint Mix rooms
  • Explosives factories
  • Textile industries
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
  • Petroleum & Chemical Processing Industries

Benefits Of AntiStatic Flooring

  • Protecting sensitive electrical components from damaging static electricity
  • Protecting personnel
  • Better performance than tile which can delaminate under heavy-duty conditions
  • Saving money on replacing or repairing electronic equipment damaged due to static electricity
  • Creating a 100% effective static-controlled environment.
Antistatic Epoxy Flooring