Grafiti constrotech

Are you searching for a floor coating that is beautiful, durable, and cost-effective for your industrial or commercial property? If so, turn to Grafiti Constrotech!

Enhance your space with an attractive, durable, safe and low-maintenance epoxy floor coating.

We can protect your floors for a lifetime with our quality finishes.

What we do?

We offer the best epoxy floor coating that is built to resist staining, scratches, and impacts to give our customers a polished look that lasts for years to come.

Our expert team does work to minimize the downtime of your business during installation.

To get fast, friendly, and affordable service call us today.

We are providing Epoxy Flooring services to our clients all over India.

We Specializes in seamless Epoxy Flooring

  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Polyurethane Flooring
  • EPU Flooring
  • Hygienic Flooring
  • ESD flooring
  • Epoxy Coving
  • Epoxy Mortar
  • Epoxy Screeding
  • Self Levelling Epoxy
  • Expansion Joint Treatment
  • Abrasion Resistant Epoxy Flooring
  • Epoxy Floor Painting
  • Industrial Epoxy Flooring
  • Industrial self Levelling Epoxy Flooring
  • Chemical Waterproofing
  • Protective Coatings
  • Hygienic Wall Coating
  • Anti-slip Flooring
  • Anti Static Epoxy Flooring
  • Heavy Duty Epoxy Flooring
  • Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Food Grade Epoxy Coating
  • Industrial Epoxy Coating
  • PU Floor Coating
  • Polyurethane Floor Coating
  • UV Resistant Coating
  • Epoxy Grouting
  • Polyurethane Grouting
  • Injection Grouting
  • Epoxy Floor Coating

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If you require an experienced and professional Epoxy Flooring Services, turn to Grafiti Constrotech.


To get fast, friendly, and affordable service.